The Ocular Fundus

The original German language version was created by Christof Daetwyler MD at the Institute for Medical Education, Department of Instructional Media, University of Berne Medical School. The copyright for the photographs of is at the Augenklinik des Universitätssptials Bern. The US-English translation was done by Kenneth Kronenberg with a grant from "Slice of Life" Development Fund

How to use this program: The pictures in the frame on the left are in didactial order - starting on top and then making way to the bottom will allow the interested student to hopefully gain some understanding of the ocular fundus and the changes caused by some medical conditions.

The program is divided into 4 chapters:
(click a chapter title to see the fundi of that chapter)

Chapter 3: FUNDUS
Chapter 4: MACULA
Chapter 1 - 4: ALL FUNDI

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We thank Prof. Fritz Koerner MD, Prof. Daniel Mojon MD and PD Johannes Fleischhauer MD for their contribution.

We wish you an enjoyable learning experience - and we'd very much enjoy getting feed-back:

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